How do I get to IIT Jammu @ Jagti Campus?
    • IIT Jammu Jagti Campus is located at 238 KM stone on NH-44, 3.5 km ahead from TCP Bye pass (Khanpur).
    • By Air: Jammu Airport at Satwari, around 15 km away.
    • By Train: Jammu is a railway hub connected to many cities through trains. It is about 13 km away.
    • By Bus: You will arrive at Jammu bus-stand. It is about 12 km away. From Jammu Airport / Jammu Bus Stand / Jammu Railway Station you can take mini bus / three wheeler/ taxi to IIT Jammu at Jagti Campus.
  • Will I get hostel on arrival?
    • The hostel room is made available to the students on their arrival, after completing registration.
  • Will there be accommodation for my parents?
    • Accompanying parents have to make their own stay arrangements as they are not allowed to stay with their wards in the hostel.
  • What will be there in my hostel room? What should I bring?
    • You'll have a cupboard, a study table, a chair, a bed without mattresses. You need to bring bed sheets, pillow, bucket, mug, etc. Mattress can be purchased from a stall located at the Jagti Campus. As for the rest, what you bring is up to you.
  • What about registration, documents needed and fee to be paid?
  • What about the Education Loan facility available for studying at IIT Jammu?
    • Documents as required from IITJ by the Bank from which you desire to take loan will be provided after registration.
  • Will I have net connectivity in my room?
    • Connectivity in hostel rooms is under process.
  • What's the climate like? Do I need to bring some winter clothes now?
    • It is neither extreme hot nor extreme cold. It never snows here. The average high temperature from August to November is 25-35◦C and from February to May is 20-30◦C.
  • What about medical facilities?
    • Services of Doctor will be available on the Institute premises. You will also have medical insurance.
  • What about the security system at the campus?
    • Ex-army men security agency will provide security to the Jagti Campus.

For any more questions Email to helpdesk@iitjammu.ac.in

Note:-Pre Paid Mobile do not work in J&K. You may bring postpaid mobile or SIM may be procured at Jagti Campus through stall provided on the day of registration. You will need your Adhaar for it.